A Redesigned Site

by Ken

Hi everyone,

So, after hours of changing, fixing and going through a couple of graphics which were immediately discarded, I’ve finally switched from a blue color scheme to a wooden desk kind of feel, which is a nice change. I do miss the blue graphics, because I like blue more than I like brown, but the reason that I’ve switched over to brown *for now* is due to the fact that the old blue graphics were, in fact, taken from Xubuntu’s old wallpapers, and I didn’t really like that, which is why I’ve changed, for now.

UPDATE: In the end, I switched it back to the Xubuntu background like before, except that I turned it into a more “vintage” feel.

I’m sure that I’m going to be switching it around again though, as I’m not yet satisfied with the current design, but I think I’ve done enough today. I was going to finish writing Chapter 14, but I guess it won’t come until tomorrow. Until then, goodbye.