The Blogger’s Block

by Ken

Since I came back to writing on this blog I’ve always had a writing problem is best summarized by this not-so-polite sentence (that correctly represents my emotions): what da heck do i write about on my blog today that is not a novel chapter. It’s not easy for me. I like blogging but the problem is I don’t have much to blog about. I name it the blogger’s block.

am a student and I am an amateur writer but sadly these two things don’t really make for exciting stories. I mean, imagine posts like these:

I sit trembling in the classroom, my heart beating faster and faster. It was nearing the end of the period, and although it happened to be lunch that came after, my mind was not pained by the hunger I felt. Instead, I yearned to know if whether the teacher would inflict the dreaded, miserable punishment known as homework upon me.

The teacher stops writing on the whiteboard, and turns around. He smiles fiendishly and casts his gaze upon every single student in the room.

“Your homework today”, he announces, with pompous air, “is to complete all of Exercise 6C for tomorrow!” Immediately I feel a heart attack coming and it takes a great effort of will for me to stop from fainting and hitting the floor entirely while walking back to the closet to put away my textbook.

As you can see, school does not easily lend itself to great adventures with dramatic chronicles.

What if I blog about my writing? Well, I do that sometimes, but…

I sit there at my desk, typing. My heart raced. I am nearly done. Chapter 16 will be posted tomorrow.

Then, something hit me.

I have not yet eaten.

I had to eat.

I cannot finish Chapter 16 to be posted before tomorrow.

My life is forfeit.

Again, not the most exciting topic ever.

But there must be something I can write about. Right now my blog is just a boring place with tons of novel chapters (which, hopefully, are not so boring) on. Well, if I got a site redesign I guess it would look less boring, but that can come later. I need to get the content figured out.

And as boring it is sometimes, school is a topic I can write about, albeit only occasionally. (Geez, I have to keep using spellcheck with occasionally. I can’t spell it right. Occasionally. Only one s. Onccasionalyl. Occasiaonly. Wait, what did I just type?!?)

A friend of mine, Mint, draws. Yes, imagine that. She draws. I mean like she can draw all of these cartoon-ish manga-ish anime-ish Japanese-ish (and by using all these ‘ishes’, I’m starting to sound like another friend-ish) stuff. Can I draw? Certainly. Behold.

You can probably figure out that drawing is not a talent I have.

Anyway, soon (perhaps tomorrow, perhaps another day) I’ll be back with another blog post about how I’m going to refocus my blog. I might also be redesigning my blog soon.