Byzantium: Fire of War

by Ken

I’m not even close to finishing Revolution: Rise of Darkness but I’ve decided to kick-start another novel. The chapters from this one will come out only once in a while, when I’m feeling bored of Rise of Darkness (such as right now).

Byzantium: Fire of War will be, as the name suggests, a historical fiction novel set in the Eastern Roman Empire, during the 7th century A.D. Soooooo…here’s the background. Byzantium is about to be brought to its knees. Phocas, the Emperor, is not legitimate; he’s an usurper who killed the previous Emperor. His rule (and misrule) had lasted for six long years, all of them plagued by invasion from Persia and Slavs, rebellions, decline of the economy; basically every nightmare you can think of.

What happens next?

Well, chapter 1 should be out soon. You’ll get to find out. 🙂