by Ken

…I officially declare that this is an extremely random post where all kind of crap that I can think of will be written down here. So yeah, this post sucks. I’m spending 1% effort into it. And yeah, I wrote this post late at night. Well, I just got back home. 🙂

At school:

School is currently a rather busy place indeed. Tests have been coming to me like crazy. I mean, like, this is a four-day week, and I’ve had a Humanities test and a Science test. Nearly every day next week, I have some sort of Mandarin assessment <gasp> and a Math test. It’s driving me crazy. And Mandarin is like the hardest subject ever. Living with a Mandarin assessment in every single day of your life for a week is gonna drive me nuts.

Anyway, this is my feeling when I’m doing a Mandarin assessment, whether it be oral, written, or reading comprehension.


I have been excelling at what I excel at: annoying friends. This, of course, includes asking stupid questions. A friend of mine opened a blog, Ask Choco Chiyoko, and of course this gives me an opportunity to take annoyance to a whole new level.

Source: Ask Choco Chiyoko

My career as a super-popular novelist:

Okay, so my apologies.

  • I’m a novelist (kinda) but I’m not super-popular.
  • In fact, I’m not even popular.
  • To make matters worst, only like three people actually read what I write.

So anyway, my goal is to write a new chapter every week, but I’ve been 1. extremely lazy, 2. extremely busy and 3. extremely unproductive in terms of word count per day, so I probably won’t be able to release the thirteenth chapter of Revolution: Rise of Darkness by Monday. I know, it’s my fault. I’ve failed the millions of readers that I have who secretly read and admire this blog without telling anyone.

And, as if I have enough time for this, but I’m thinking of starting another novel, to be released at about one chapter every three weeks or so. It’s going to be historical fiction, and it’ll be about the last Byzantine-Sassanid war. (Of course, while the war was very dramatic and decisive, it left both Byzantium and Persia exhausted and unable to deal with the Arab troops that were soon to follow, so the novel would stop with Heraclius’ return to Constantinople as a hero, not at the end of his reign.)

As a nice normal citizen:

In my humble opinion, Bangkok has the worst traffic in the world. Really. I wonder how many years I’ve spent living in the car waiting for the green light if I put all the time I’ve spent in the car all my life together.

A road flooded with candy-colored taxis. This IS Bangkok.

 Anyway, that’s enough ranting from me today, I guess. Cya all later.