It’s Been Okay So Far…

by Ken

I have a four day holiday coming up, so it’s a bit of a breathing space for me. Anyway, I’ve been thinking, and I guess I’ve been doing fine with writing Revolution: Rise of Darkness. My progress could be a bit faster, but then I have lots of homework and projects to work on, so I am a bit weighed down.

And anyway, I’ve been thinking about starting another book to write, just in case I had a writer’s block with Revolution, so I wouldn’t be stuck on a complete writer’s block. I’m thinking that I’ll be writing some historical fiction :D. I think if I do, I’ll be focusing on the Byzantine reconquest of the Western provinces under Justinian and Belisarius, and it’ll be titled General of Constantinople. 

Just a short post. It’s night already and sleep is important for me, so cya later.

On a side note, one of my friends also write novels, so you might want to check her blog out.