Operating Systems: The Roundup

by Ken

I haven’t talked about operating systems on this blog for a while now. There’s a reason for that. For one, I’ve been busy. Secondly, I haven’t been following up on Mac/Linux/Windows news. Anyway, I still am a bit of a tech guy, so here’s a blog post about the three operating systems and how they’re going (in my opinion). (By the way, the next chapter of Revolution: Rise of Darkness will be coming, just not yet :3). I’ll list the three operating systems in order of “which-is-the-best-in-my-opinion”.

So, first, starting with my fav: Mac OS X. Recently, OS X Mountain Lion was released, and what Apple did was add in more iOS-influenced features, like Notification Center. This isn’t a big jump from Lion, and I do have Lion, so I’m not upgrading, because I don’t think it’s worth my money. But still, it’s probably an even better operating system than Lion is, even if only just slightly.

Next, Linux. Well, obviously Linux is a really broad term for a ton of distros, so I’ll take the two major ones: Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Ubuntu released 12.04 in not-so-recent news, and they are in fact preparing for a release of Ubuntu 12.10 next month (I’ll be covering that on this blog). 12.04 is an LTS (long term support) version of Ubuntu, so it’s pretty solid, stable, and awesome. Unity is still here, and it’s more polished than the previous releases. There’s also the introduction of the HUD (Heads Up Display), and although it’s not the best name ever I’ve heard that people like it. Meanwhile, Linux Mint is going separate ways from Ubuntu by creating its own interfaces that work similarly to the now defunct GNOME 2 (MATE and Cinnamon are the names of the interfaces Mint created).

On the other hand, Windows is becoming more tablet-izied by taking its Windows Phone interface and using it on the desktop. It’s called metro, and although the old desktop is still available, this is what Microsoft wants everyone to use.

Personally, I like Mac best because it’s stable, it has nice cool graphics and I like the applications on the Mac. However, if I have to use a PC I go for Linux, because it’s free, it’s fast, it’s virus-immune and so on. Windows is the worst of the lot, because it’s expensive, virus-infested, and simply ‘uncool’. (Linux’s nerd-reputation is outdated).

What do you think? Comment your ideas!