Saying Hello to GIMP (Again)

by Ken

GIMP on Mac using the X11 environment really, really, really, really, really, really, really sucks. You can repeat that really a couple more times. I don’t know if it happens only to my computer, but it crashes all the time. I’ve always hated X11. When I used Pinta (the Paint.NET lookalike) on Mac, it wouldn’t even let me save an image or open a new image. That’s just…stupid.

Anyway, the second thing I hate about GIMP is its multiple-window view. It made everything cluttered and confusing. Well, GIMP 2.8 extremely intelligently added an optional single window view. However, they still didn’t have an official GIMP ported-to-Mac version and no way was I gonna go back to X11, which doesn’t allow me to do anything. So I still had to stick with Pixlr Editor, the free, easy to use but too simple and rather tutorial-less image editor.

Well, today, I found out about Mac GIMP, which is a third party version of GIMP for Mac. But it didn’t have to use X11.

It didn’t have to use X11?


So, anyway, I clicked “download”, wait for the 70-MB .zip file to finish downloading, and open it. Then, I enabled the single-window view.

It was pretty awesome. Single window. No floating stuff that I kept losing. Yay, second time.

But anyway…I then realized that I hadn’t used GIMP at all for nearly a year. I’ve become pretty used to Pixlr Editor and I think I’m gonna miss it so much. Time to listen to This Ain’t Goodbye. Because, well, Pixlr Editor is still pretty handy for some quick graphics. (What does people have about making uncomplicated things unable to make uncomplicated stuff?)

OK, I digressed. I confess that I barely remember a thing about using GIMP except for making rainbow gradient, adding a bit of ugly text and drawing using a brush. 😆 So I guess it’s time to open up tutorials on GIMP.

might be posting a few of the things I’m (re)learning to do on GIMP…but…I’m shy. 😉 (Yeah right). So…Revolution: Rise of Darkness will probably be coming out not as frequently as during the term breaks. (Yeah I’m busy).