Hey Twitter, Here’s My Blog

by Ken

I’ve never been a big fan of integrating social media together and such. I’ve never been a big-time poster on Facebook outside of secret groups anyway. Twitter’s a bit better for me, because most of my friends don’t use it 😉 . Yeah, I’m not exactly comfortable with sharing personal ideas to friends. Somehow, I always feel like I’m more open to share to people I don’t even know, if I’m online.

But…I’m doing this anyway 😆 . I knew the awesome WordPress.com team added social features ages ago, but I just bothered to find out where everything was. So basically there’s this page that I have never went on before in the Settings page, even though I was sure that I knew every inch of the WordPress dashboard. Gee, things change. I need to catch up. : P

So I went on this ‘Sharing’ page, and integrated Twitter and WordPress. Congratulations blue little bird, you now have a new friend, the nice dark blue round icon with the ‘W’ in it.

This is the experiment post, to see if everything works. I’m not sure if I want this to work or not to work. 😛

Cya next time. School rants will certainly be coming very soon. There will  certainly be plenty to rant about this year. I can feel it coming. 😉