Problem: I’m Uninspired

by Ken

Uninspired is a word. Is “I am having a lot of uninspiration” a proper sentence? Doesn’t matter, I’m not a grammar nazi. Anyway, I’ve been rather uninspired to continue writing Revolution: Rise of Darkness. The problem is that Chapter 3 continues the sequence of boring chapters, as the speed doesn’t pick up until Chapter 4. And, honestly, I just want to skip. I’ve been busy doing quite a bit of stuff, and I haven’t had time for writing this damn novel.

However, I still want to write it, so I guess I have to go on. Another problem is that when you’re uninspired with something, you might get inspiration for something else. I already have another exciting idea for a novel, and I might write it along with Revolution…if I have time. But, I need to get Chapter 3 done.

The thought of going to write more in Chapter 3 is giving me a

Now back to writing. (Imagine more facepalms here).