Revolution: Rise of Darkness

by Ken

In my last post, I briefly stated that I’m planning to write a novel, and so I decided to blog a bit more further about that. It’s going to be titled Revolution: Rise of Darkness. (I’m planning for a Revolution trilogy, but whether or not this will be accomplished is still very distant from me, because I don’t even know if I can pull myself through the writing of the first book. :P)

The book’s going to be about a communist revolution that happens in a developed country, right in the modern world. A group of teenagers find themselves in hiding in the forests, but their survival is against the odds, with soldiers of the new regime constantly patrolling the streets of the cities. The group of teenagers have to try to make their way to a rump state which was created on an island off the coast of the country that still retains democracy and freedom.

I’m going to be posting this in chapters, and when I (hopefully) finish this, I’ll probably revise the story and perhaps self-publish it into a book if it’s any good. I’m excited for this little project and it will hopefully kill any boredom during these term breaks and give me some writing practice.