I Hate Planning

by Ken

Term breaks are here and obviously boredom comes with it. To cure boredom this break I was planning to write a short novel and post the chapters individually on this blog. I’ve attempted to write a novel before but stupidly I wrote them on paper and I didn’t bother typing them up, so now they’re lost. They weren’t good anyway, so I don’t care that much.

Anyway, I really hate the planning stage of the novel. Prewriting is bad enough, but you can’t start at all without prewriting so obviously you have to do it. Planning is worse. You don’t feel the “need” to do it (although your novel would mess up anyway later on if you don’t plan it out first), and you just want to start writing right away, but instead you have to plan out each chapter. This is what has been putting me off actually starting to write.

But you gotta do it.