I’m Bored and I Know It

by Ken

Is it fun to read a post saying I’M BORED? I don’t know, but that’s what I am right now.

So, I’m sitting in my homeroom at school, and I’m supposed to be reviewing for my exams even though there aren’t any more exams to review for. OK, there’s a swimming exam, but how am I supposed to review for that? Make a freestyle gesture on the floor?

Anyway, I’ll look at what I have next. Double period of Thai Studies, double period of PE. Thai Studies. Thai Studies is honestly just like a study hall period…so what am I supposed to do?!? Write 3 more posts saying that I’m bored? Wow!

So…what about personal stuff. Well, I’m planning to write a novel soon, but writing something among friends going dramatic and shouting their heads off is not exactly the best idea ever. I’ll write a post on this plan soon.

I have the “Festival of Epic Awesomeness” coming up, which is an end of year fun activity where I get together with friends and make something epic. I’ve written on this blog a few times about writing the script, and there isn’t anything left to do.

And so I have come to this conclusion:

Lounge around like a couch potato.