Getting Back into Writing

by Ken

I think that it’s time for me to dip my hands back into the weird and wonderful world of writing again. (Wow that alliterates! :D)

No, I’ve never stopped writing. School makes sure of that. However, I haven’t done ‘writing as a hobby’ in a ‘serious’ manner for some time now. I do stop and continue writing my Alexander the Great lens on Squidoo from time to time, although it isn’t close to being finished yet, and I still blog, but I want to get back into the kind of writing I did about two years ago.

I’ve brainstormed the things I can write:


-Squidoo lenses


-Novels/short stories

Blogs- always been doing that. 😛

Squidoo lenses- I just need to speed up.

Scripts- well, I can write scripts but I prefer writing scripts “on demand” meaning I’m sure that they’re going to get performed. And I am writing one now anyway, and it’s titled Shadow of the Phantom. Read my previous posts for some of my ramblings on writing it. 🙂

Novels/short stories- In truth, these were probably the only stuff I wrote in the first place. However, I haven’t had a serious attempt at writing a novel for a few years now. I’ve never been ‘really’ successful at writing one, because I usually get all the inspiration, start writing, get bored, and quit. I guess now that I’ve ‘matured’ a bit it’s time to make a serious attempt at writing one. And, as I’ve learned in the previous years, it’s all about getting a strong plan and plot in the first place. 🙂

I hope I’ll get into writing more soon!