The Script is Finished…

by Ken

…but I’m not really happy about it.

So, basically, the script follows a ‘typical’ ghost story plot. Someone dies. Bad stuff happen. Ghost appears. Kills the murderer. BAM! End.

Now, the script itself is OK for me, partly because I have friends who helped me edit. (It isn’t like I watch a lot of horror and supernatural films anyway…). But still, I’m sure it can be improved.

I think that the reason I’m not really happy about this script is because it’s just so typical. I mean like really. There’s nothing that can actually bring much suspense or excitement from the plot line, and honestly it’s just so…lame. 😦

I guess I need to either read some ghost stories or the plots of ghost films, or actually watch one. And anyway, I found this good quote from Albert Einstein:

Now that I’m discontent about the script, I’ll make sure I edit it and make it progress 😉 .