Looking Forward to Ubuntu 12.04

by Ken

I think Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin LTS is going to be one of the best versions of Ubuntu ever released.

Ubuntu 12.04 is due to be released next month on, I believe, April 26th. With this, the long running Ubuntu 10.04 will finally be allowed to rest, as Ubuntu 12.04 will take over its LTS duties.

So, why do I think Ubuntu 12.04 will be a really great operating system? Here are two of my favorite reasons:

Updates to Unity

GNOME 3 isn’t exactly what I would call an extremely ‘logical’ way of managing windows and such. I much prefer Unity, perhaps because I come from an OS X background and I’m used to a dock-like thing anyway.

Introduction of the HUD

It’s called the “Heads Up” display (not exactly an amazing name, but I can live with that), and it’s supposed to be a smart menu for people. I think that Canonical intends for the HUD to replace all the traditional menus, but it probably won’t work (not for me anyway-  I think graphical interfaces were invented for a reason). But still, the HUD would help with productivity if it lived alongside the current menus.

 My Opinion:

I think Ubuntu 12.04 will be a pretty good release for Ubuntu. Of course, I’ve always been pretty optimistic and positive on Ubuntu, as even the widely criticized Ubuntu 11.04 was perfectly fine with me. 12.04 brings a change to the LTS (Long Term) releases of ubuntu, in the way that instead of simply making everything rock-solid, it’s introducing quite a few features. But even with many features, stability should not be a problem.

Oh, and by the way, I think Xubuntu 12.04 will also be (as always with this Xfce flavor of Ubuntu) an awesome release:


Ubuntu, get rid of that purple-orange wallpaper please. It is simply an ugly gradient that makes the whole Ubuntu experience look very downgraded at first sight. Even Xubuntu’s 12.04 wallpaper is a bit pale- I preferred the dark blue options from previous releases.

Comment with your opinion! Are you looking forward to 12.04? What do you think about Unity 5.8 and the HUD? Do you like Ubuntu’s current wallpaper?