A Long Time Hobby

by Ken

Plinky’s prompt: Which of your hobbies have you been doing for the longest amount of time?

The hobbies that I have been doing for the longest amount of time is writing. I’m nearly always doing some form of writing since about 3 or 4 years ago, except that I write different things in different media. I used to write comics which stayed only in the classroom, then I started blogging, then I went to novel writing, then I went to Squidoo lensmaking, and now I’m doing both blogging and lensmaking at the same time. (I also consider writing novels again). I also write scripts occasionally, and I have one that’s a works-in-progress but I’ve never bothered to finish.

I used to bike and swim for quite a bit, but I haven’t done them continually for quite a long time now.

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