City Living

by Ken

Plinky’s prompt: If you had to live in a large city for a year, which would you pick?

Well, right now, I live in Bangkok, and in Southeast Asian standards it’s a pretty big city. After all, it has a population of 10 million people, it has tons of buildings, it has the longest official name in the world (wait that doesn’t connect), and others.

If I had to choose another big city in Thailand, I would probably choose Chiang Mai (a pretty large city). However, if it’s another country, then it would be harder to choose. Beijing or Chongqing in China isn’t actually the best choice (after all, you can’t use Facebook!). I’ve never been to the US so New York, San Francisco or Washington D.C isn’t really a choice. Japan has more expensive living costs, I’ve never been to Europe, so…I guess I don’t know.

What major city would you want to live in?

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