Is Chrome OS About to Get a Desktop and Windows Manager?

by Ken

Is Chrome OS about to get a desktop and windows manager, despite being “only the web”?

It seems like over the past few months the Google Chromium OS developers have been doing work on a desktop and windows manager for Chrome OS. The Windows Manager is called Aura, and by adding a desktop and windows manager Chrome Os is going to be much more similar to traditional desktop than what it is right now.

Does this actually make the whole concept of Chrome OS useless? After all, Chrome OS is supposed to bring you the web, and nothing more than that. If an offline desktop and other functions are added, isn’t the whole concept totally reversed?

Well, for me, not quite yet. I think Google’s still going to be highly integrating cloud features which will still make the name Chrome OS not obsolete quite yet. But still, it can show that Google’s admitting its cloud-only way of doing things is not working as well as it expected.

Also, this brings desktop wallpapers to Chrome. Yippee.

Isn't this a bit too similar to Windows?

Notice- there are settings!

These new features even bring a PANEL to Chrome OS. Not something I ever expected.

Here’s a video showing then new Chrome OS.

I think Chrome OS may be heading the way Jolicloud was- making web applications equal to non-web applications. Will Google allow desktop apps? No one knows yet, but it’s possible. We’ll see how it goes.