The new iPad- A Pretty Good Move by Apple

by Ken

Last Wednesday, Apple released the third upgrade of its bestselling tablet and I think it’s going to be a big success.

From what I’ve read about the new iPad (yes, that’s the name), I think the new iPad will be a hit. After all, it features:

-A retina display (which improves the iPad screen resolution big time)


From what I’ve seen on the internet, a lot of people complain that there are a lack of features in the new iPad. However, I think that it’s a pretty good move on Apple’s part. Let’s see why.

1. Apple is actually adding what people want to see most

The Retina display is by far the most anticipated feature of the new iPad that people has predicted. And it’s landed. The Retina display may cause product delays and such for Apple, but still it’s going to make competitors work extremely hard to catch up.

2. Most Apple products go with this strategy

The new iPad shows that it’s playing by the same strategy that Apple has used for its other products. At the first launch of the product, it introduces something that the world has never thought of. Then, the next versions improves little by little, making the competitors unable to catch up. Apple did this with the iPod, and it’s doing this with the iPhone, so it probably won’t hurt Apple to play by the same strategy with the iPad.

3. Apple creates a new generation of iPads to keep it ahead of the competition, and is still combating the other popular tablets

Apple’s still keeping the iPad 2. It isn’t taking it away quite yet. Instead, it’s lowering the iPad 2’s price so that it can use the iPad 2 to combat other popular tablets on the market such as the Kindle Fire (which is actually supposed to be an e-reader).

The Kindle Fire

But even though it’s probably a good move for Apple, the new iPad could have been better.

1. Name it!

OK, new iPods aren’t named, and new Macs aren’t named. However, the iPad isn’t a product like that. It’s still watched on. Can’t it just be named the iPad 3 or the iPad 2S? The “new iPad” sounds really..lame. And if Apple says it’s calling it simply as “iPad”, what about the first generation iPad? And what are we going to name the next iPad? The “really new iPad”?

2. Give it an innovation

Isn’t Apple supposed to be the innovative company? I think that Apple should at least give the iPad something that’s really breakthrough. The iPhone 4S at least had Siri. The new iPad doesn’t really have anything “amazingly awesome”. (The Retina display isn’t that exciting for the brain, it’s just exciting for the eye).

Of course, I’m no one to actually comment on what Apple should and should not do, but still we’re allowed to voice our opinion, right? 😉 What do you think Apple should have put in the new iPad? Comment your opinion below!