March 7- Alexander Graham Bell and his Telephone Patent

by Ken

Today in history- Alexander Graham Bell receives a patent for his telephone.

So, who is Alexander Graham Bell? I doubt that there’s anyone who doesn’t use the revolutionary product Bell invented- the telephone. In the world we live in today, phones are all over the place. After all, if you’re living in the US, Europe, China, Japan, etc…you’ll find that nearly every person or household owns a type of phone, whether it be a mobile phone or the house phone and such.

Alexander Graham Bell was born on March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. A lot of people in his family worked with things like speech, while his mother and his wife was deaf.

In the end, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. He spoke the first words ever spoken into such a device- “Mr. Watson- come here- I want to see you”. Watson, Bell’s assistant, heard the words clearly, which meant that the phone was usable.

On this day, the U.S Patent Office issued a patent for Bell’s invention.

I think that it’s quite an achievement. Of course, there’s rumors that Bell stole the phone design from another inventor (Bell’s design was patented just 2 hours before Elisha Gray’s design), but still, it’s an achievement. Without Bell, we may still be using letters and have no way of real-time communication. We say that without Steve Jobs we wouldn’t have the iPhone, iPods, and iPads, but without Alexander Graham Bell we wouldn’t have a telephone at all.