Mac OS X Mountain Lion

by Ken

Apple’s announced the next iteration of OS X, and it’s full of iOS influences.

Actually, all the new features at this post came from iOS. Let’s look at it.

OS X Mountain Lion is to Lion what Snow Leopard was to Leopard. It’s an evolutionary step up.

Mountain Lion ported a few iOS applications over to Mac- here they are:


iChat is dead. Long live iMessage!

iMessage is pretty much the iOS message, given to Mac. Of course, that means you can send messages to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.



An application from iOS 5, it’s now on Mac.

Notification Center

Personally, I think that OS X Mountain Lion is going to be a good step for Apple. As it started with Lion, Apple’s taking away its mobile apps and giving them to Mac, making a more unified environment.

Another opinion of mine is that OS X Mountain Lion may be the last release of OS X. After all, what comes after a Lion, anyway? I think Apple may be looking to merge in iOS and OS X.

I think that OS X Mountain Lion will be a success, and I’m excited about this release. What do you think?