Why I Don’t Know What I Should Write About

by Ken

This post is about why I don’t know what I should make posts about.

I mean, like, seriously. I don’t have anything to write about.

I can’t really call it a writer’s block, because I’m not experiencing problems about continuing something. Instead, I think I should call it a blogger’s block. I mean, I have a blog, but I don’t know what I should post about! That’s certainly a blogger’s block.

Well, I mean like, I do have things I think I can write about. I’m a student. I can write about school life (although I’m not sure who’d bother reading ALL about that. I’m not even in high school yet. Middle years isn’t an exact time with lots of events and uniqueness). I like Linux. I can write about Linux stuff (Although the amount of readers who’d find this blog and actually read it if it’s about Linux is small). I can write about totally random topics everyday.

I guess I’m lazy. I don’t like researching and refining my posts so that they are of amazing quality and would get full marks in my English criterion A, Content. I have another blog and it’s Web App Blog, and I have a clear list of apps I can post about, but the reason I don’t post there often is because I’m too lazy to research. However, it isn’t the same here. I want to write on here, I just have nothing to write about. That’s a problem. A big one.

Plinky provides inspiration. Sures, it does. However, I’m not going to post from Plinky all the time, and Plinky’s prompts are sometimes asking for one liners- not enough content for a post.

I guess I need to do some brainstorming.