I’m Back Squidooin’

by Ken

Yes, I’m back as a Lensmaster.

So, what is Squidoo? Squidoo is a writing platform that allows you to write a single webpage (they call these ‘lenses’) about a single topic. They have more than 1.5 million lenses as of October 2010 (and this is already January 2012, so I bet there’s lots more than that).

I’ve been Squidooing for a long time. I started being a Lensmaster about 2 years ago when I wrote my first lens on Coral Reefs, and since then I’ve written about 30 more. I haven’t been writing lenses for a pretty long time as I’ve got busy with other WordPress related and school stuff, but now I want to come back 🙂 . (And talking about my Coral Reefs lens reminds me that I should go back and improve its quality…)

The reason that I want to come back is because it’s pretty fun. Writing lenses can give you much knowledge and you even get to make money out of them.

Another reason is because I’m having more time on my hands.

And the third reason is because I want to, and that’s one of the best reasons someone can have.

You can visit my Lensmaster page here.