Stop SOPA!

by Ken

Welcome to a rage post about SOPA.

I haven’t posted in a few days, and that’s simply because I’ve been busy with schoolwork. But I’m back into blogging again 🙂 .

What is SOPA? SOPA stands for “Stop Online Piracy Act”, which is not a very good name, because 1. SOPA is similar to SOAP

and SOAP reminds me of showering, which has nothing to do with copyrightinfringement, 2. SOPA is simply uncatchy, 3. When read as ‘Soepa’ it just sounds silly. (Which it is).

OK, so please forgive me silly introduction on SOPA. Basically, what SOPA (and its cousin PIPA- Protect IP) does is it’s supposed to protect the copyright of the big media companies and stuff. It does that by blocking any website, video, or link in which contains copyrighted information. Basically, if your little website contains someone else’s copyrighted information or video or picture or music, it’s blocked. Or, if your video has copyrighted music in the background, it’s blocked.

“Wow! They’re finally trying to kill piracy so that those illegal hackers can’t download free music anymore!” is what someone might think. But no. Instead, there are fundamental flaws within this law.

A good video for understanding SOPA and why it sucks is flawed is here. It’s by “Fight for the Future” and it’s pretty awesome.

The thing is they’re going to block all websites that has someone else’s copyrighted content posted on, or linking to. This means that hundreds of thousands of websites will be blocked. Say, if you posted a video of yourself and at one point you’re singing a LMFAO song, you’re blocked.

Of course, luckily, there are people that oppose the bill. The big tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Reddit. Why? Well, for one, some of these sites are social networks. The bill says if on a website, just one visitor or user posts a link to an illegal pirated video, that whole website is deemed as violating the law. This makes Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pretty dead.

I really hope that SOPA won’t be passed. Free the internet!