Fedora 16 and GNOME 3

by Ken

Here, I wrote that I wanted to look for a GNOME 3 distro to try, and in the end I went for Fedora 16.

When I opened Fedora up, I realized one thing- Virtualbox isn’t capable of having GNOME Shell. SO, after installing it, I had to go to the hassle of finding a way to run GNOME Shell in VB, and I’m not sure if the result I got is the way it’s supposed to be. But, I’ll blog about it anyway :).

So, after making sure the Virtualbox extensons work, to get GNOME 3, I ran the following command: gnome-shell –replace  .

The result was a GNOME Shell desktop that flickered often, was slow and buggy, didn’t load some stuff properly, and was prone to crashes.

But I won’t be talking about the actual distro here, I want to focus on GNOME 3.

I think GNOME Shell is kinda…wrong. Really. It’s unnatural. I don’t like its Activities pane at all. I guess I have to agree with the rest of the people that GNOME Shell doesn’t make a boost in productivity and is simply change for the sake of change.