WordPress’s New Posting UI

by Ken

Inspiration from the Daily Post.

If you blog on WordPress.com like me, you’ll know that when you publish a post, you’re greeted by a new screen. And it looks something like this:

It tells you the post number, a preview of the post, the tags…well, pretty much an overview of that post.

Now, when I was first greeted by this new screen I’d say I liked it, because it greeted me on my 100th post in my class’s blog. So it was nice. When I published my 101th post, I noticed that there was this posting goal thing, but I’d say that’s useless, because the goal keeps going up anyway. :p

However, in conclusion, I’d say that I like it. However, I’d say that the old way where it simply let you edit the post again if you want to was a more productive way.

What do you think?