Evacuation, Normalness, and Flooding

by Ken

What the?

Living in Bangkok for 12 years, going to a pretty good school and never actually being “threatened” has made me never really thought of the situation of evacuating. Except for the past few days which has been crazy. Really.

Now I’m living in Pattaya. Yes, I’ve evacuated to the seaside. (This might sound like some silly ironic joke but no it’s not. In fact plenty of Bangkokians are now in Pattaya). Pattaya is now full of traffic with the amount of Bangkokians evacuating to here.

Having stayed in a variety of different places (my house, a condo, Beijing- I’d like to make a blog post about Beijing but the internet here at Pattaya wouldn’t allow me to upload any images ><- and Pattaya), I think I’d like to go back to Bangkok and live the “normal” kind of life again. Yes, when I’m living the “normal” kind of life I complain about how much homework there is, this teacher, that teacher, etc etc….but when you’re actually living a life in a disaster scenario, you wish to return back.

Now onto the reason of all this madness: the flood.

The problem right now is that whenever the government says that this area “is still protected”, the floodwater army manages to break into it the next day. Last week, Bangkok Post’s floodmap only colored eastern Bangkok blue, this week all of the capital is expected to flood!

These are the expected flood levels:

From the Bangkok Post

And these are current flood affected areas:

From BKK Post again

I’ll sign off now.