I hate homework.

by Ken

There’s one thing I understand, but I try not to understand. And what do I not want to understand? About homework. OK, so I know that homework is supposed to get us to learn, to practice… but well, everyone, here’s the new fact of the year that no one has ever thought of: homework is boring.

I know that it is a pretty strange way to start a post, but yes, that’s it, I hate homework. Today is Coronation day, a happy holiday. And I’m stuck at home doing Mandarin homework, a PE Display Board, LA English Personal Reading Book Projects, Thai Studies Presentations, and Math Surveys. How exciting. Right now I just finished Mandarin, and so I’m writing this blog post 😉 .

Sometimes teachers do assign homework that sounds like a lot of fun. But homework that is fun has to be creative and it has to be exciting. Of course not all homework can be fun (writing Mandarin character sets probably won’t be very exciting), but teachers should try to make homework be fun.

Yes, I’ll end my post here.